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Green delta was founded in 2006 with the vision to become a “One Stop shop Supplier” for the retailers and brands around the world. Offering an end to end services to customers, our experienced team handles all aspects of their Asian’s supply chain, from product line development quoting, production management, quality assurance to quality control.

We provide local services with a global vision and outreach. Green Delta is proud of its reputation for high-quality customer service. Through competitive pricing, quality and reliable delivery, we are committed to the highest standards when meeting customer needs. By leveraging our global network and market knowledge,  we are able to respond rapidly to evolving trends in consumer and production markets.






Product Design

Product Design

Exclusive sourcing agent for various European retailers, our vision of sustainable partnership have led us over the years to create a secured and reliable database of suppliers that covers comprehensive range of quality merchandises.

Product Development

Product Development

Our objective is to support our clients in the development of tailor made consumer goods and promotional items that best correspond to their strategic objectives.



Constantly searching for the most appropriate design, materials, shapes and colors, our team keeps innovating to combine artistic form and function.


Making use of our extended portfolio of in-house products lines and international licensed brands, we build distinct brand statements that resonate with retailers and consumers alike








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